Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cuddly Bears and The Fortunate Traveller

Hi all!  I got some great news this week.  I do not have diabetic neuropathy, I have tarsal tunnel in both of my feet which is what is causing the numbness. I am doing conservative methods to fix the problem, then if that don't work, then I will look at surgery before the nerve ends up permanently damaged.
I stitched on Cuddly Bears from 3-28 till 4-1. I only put in about 100 stitches and here is what it looks like now.
Then I worked on The Fortunate Traveler from 4-2 thru 4-6 and I put in 367 stitches. The first picture is the entire thing, and the second picture is a close up of the border.

Now I am going to stitch on Nude II for 5 days. Will post a picture at the end of that time.