Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Update 11-5: Lots of things have happened

Lots of things have happend since my last update!  We moved from Columbus to Marietta.  So withing the confines of packing, working, transfering to a new location for work, unpacking, I have forgotten to do an update on my stitching projects. So here goes!
First: I worked on Cuddley Bears from 8-22-8-28, and put in 381.5 stitches.
Then I worked on Fortunate Traveler from 8-28-9-3, and put in 608 stitches.
Then I worked on Nude from 9-4 -9-8, and put in 900 stitches.
The I worked on Merry Christmas to All from 9-9-9-15, and put in 2194 stitches.
Then from 9-16-10-16, this is the time that I was packing and unpacking, I worked on Moms Cat, and put in 1229 stitches.
Then from 10-17-10-21, I worked on Two Hearts, and put in 578 stitches.
From 10-22-10-29, I worked on Kati's Carousal, and put in 1243 stitches.
Then form 10-30-11-4, I worked on Angel of Cross Stitch, and put in 1074 stitches.
Now I am going to work on Sassy Stitcher!
Till next time, have a great day!