Thursday, May 2, 2013

Long awaited update

Sorry that it has been so long since my last update!  I have a few pictures to show.  I have worked on Nude, Merry Christmas to All, my moms Cat in a window, Two Hearts, and Carousel.
When I worked on Nude, I discovered that I used the wrong color in a section and ended up ripping out around 800 stitches. Now I will restart it when it comes back into my rotation.

Merry Christmas to All was worked on from April 12 thru April 16, and I started it over using only one strand of thread, and put in 154 stitches.

Then I worked on Moms Cat in a Window from April 17 thru April 21 and I stitched 295 stitches!

Then I worked on Two Hearts from April 22 thru April 26, and I put in 160 stitches!

The I worked on The Carousel from April 27 thru May 1 and I put in 516.5 stitches.

Also during this time I did find out that I do not have diabetic neuropathy, but tarsal tunnel in both feet.  It is the same thing as carpal tunnel that you get in your hands.