Monday, August 26, 2013

Update and Birthday

I worked on Moes anniversary gift "Two Hearts". I got 380 stitches out in this time.

I worked on Kati's Carousal. I put 342 stitches this time. Then I worked on Sassy Stitcher. I put 1,192.5 stitches in this time. Then I FINISHED "Waiting". Now to get it washed, ironed, and ftamed.


I also just celebrated my 50th birthday.  My husband and daughter spoiled me this year.  My husband did a cross stitch piece for me and turned it into a pin cushion for me. The material for the back was from a t-shirt that my mom had given him. Then they got me a gift card for my local LNS, Cross my Heart, a Mirabilia cross stitch pattern "Angel of the New Dawn" and the supplies to make it.