Thursday, July 18, 2013

Update finally - Been MIA for medical reasons

Sorry, that I have been MIA for a while.  My dad was in the hospital, and we didn't think that he was going to make it. He is doing much better. Then we were on vacation for 5 days back home. Crazy work schedule. Here are pics of what I have been stitching.
Angel of Cross Stitch - 139 more stitches
Sassy Stitcher - 727.5 more stitches

Waiting - not much done on this one, because this is when my dad was in the hospital. Almost done. Sorry, I forgot to take a new picture.
Cuddly Bears - 389 stitches
Fortunate Traveller -620 stitches

Merry Christmas to All - 1006 Stitches - This is after I restarted it.
                                                                                                                                                                     Nude - after I restarted it also -
And finally - Mom's Cat - 390 stitches

I also had a finish! I took this from a picture and stitched this for a friend of mine.

That is all for now.  Now I am going to work on my gift for my husband!